VIVALDI – Spa Relaxing bed with harmonic musical vibration

Vivaldi is an amazing, relaxing and innovative Spa table. Music and its vibration are a way to approach people who uses the sounds as communication appliance, being able to support educational, rehabilitative and therapeutic treatments.

Vivaldi is a multipurpose tool able to assist operators in many ways and maximize the profitability of the cabin or the location where it can be placed, useful even while operators are away.
Vivaldi uses an innovative
“Sound Diffusion” system, acting in a specific way (through Chakras point) guided by sound vibrations to specific spots of the body and effectively working as well on an acoustic level.

Music body vibration is the best ally for perfect blood circulation, assisting liquids drainage and toxins. Musical vibration acts on circulation improving its system, creating the conditions for reducing the unsightly, favoring a greater absorption of cosmetics products used during massage treatments. Since the first session you will notice the pleasant feeling of lightness resulting and an improved legs circulation. Vivaldi can also be used as to support natural energies improving the effects of applications and holistic techniques, such as the use of crystals and special sands.

Vivaldi provides support planes providing different heating options. This item is electronically thermo controlled with very simple commands that can be activated from console directly. Elegant and effective at the same time the chromo therapy lighting creates the right atmosphere with a specific listening environment for each piece of music provided, adapting the  equipment features to each specific need of the clients.

Vivaldi can be integrated with additional light paintings from our products line (connected and combined) such as  SPOT and HIMALAYA salt walls. The use of these items combined will help to amplify the relax experience with amazing effects and results.

New! Amazing! Successful! Vivaldi is the best relax table for sure. Our new Spa tool will be officially introduced by our main distributor during the October 14 2013 Open Day. Don’t miss the chance to visit our factory and try Vivaldi live along all the others I.So Benessere wellness special beds!

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