That`s So California Tan
TS 44 MT Kit (02196)

· 10 x litre DHA Dark Temptation Solution
· TS 44 MT Spray Gun.
· TS Spray Cabin.
· 1 x litre Ready To Tan – Make Up Remover.
· 12 x pieces On-The-Go Spray Tanning Make Up (Dark)
· 12 x pieces On-The-Go Spray Tanning Make Up (Clear)
· 100 x Paper Capes.
· 4 x That`s So Sun Makeup Woman T-Shirts.
· 50 x Shopping bags.
· 1 x That`s So Sun Makeup Display.
· 1 x That`s So Sun Makeup Poster (Woman in black)
· 1 x Poster “Just Spray It On”
· 50 x Depliant That`s So Sun Makeup.


Q-Med “That`s So” Sunless Tanning Systems.

Model:TS 765A
Auto Bronzer Spray “Professional”- (Italian Import- UV Free)
· Spray Gun & Generator
· Dimensions: L = 2160mm; H = 2150mm; W = 1300mm.
· Ionized “magnetic” adhersion. – No run – off.
· Creates a Positive/Negative attraction on human skin.
· No therapist needed – Self activation.
· 30 seconds needed for complete body spray.
· Voice Guide
· Speakers

That`s So - “On – The – Go” Tanning Make-Up Spray Cans (125ml)
(Made in Italy)

This DHA formulation gives a natural golden brown looking tan which develops in 3-4 hours.
No unsightly patches as colour fades. Leaves skin smooth, luminous and hydrated. Pleasant fragrance with no DHA odours. For best results, avoid contact with water until tan develops.
Tan lasts for up to 4 days depending on exfoliation and skin types. Spray can may operate in all positions.



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