Spa Steam Generators

Spa Steam generator complete with all wiring, digital controls, and steam heads as per specifications  listed below: 

Steam Generator

Steam Digital Control


  • Easy Access Digital Controls. (Situated outside of steam room)

  • Thermostatically controlled temperature setting of up to 67 Degrees Celsius. Includes an ideal “47 degree Celsius default temperature”.

  • Countdown timer of  “1 to 99minutes”.
    Includes an extended “8hr default countdown”.

  • Self-cleaning (auto-purge) occurs at the end of each operating cycle, to avoid sediment and scale buildup within the boiler tank.

  • Manual Drain (purge) function.

  • Light On/Off switch. (12Volt; 20Watt)

  • 2 x Steam Heads with “herbal oil essence well” for easy steam powered dispensing.

  • 2 x Pressure relief valves for added safety (in case steam heads are constricted).

  • elf re-setting over-heat temperature cut-outs for added safety (in case temperature exceeds 105 Degrees Celsius in boiler tank.).

Stainless Steel boiler tank and heating elements for durability and clean distilling of water into steam. (no fowl smells from tank and elements)

 Steam Room Construction:

  • Steam room construction can be either of brick & tile or glass & aluminium.
  • Slanted roof is recommended. (High end at the benches)
  • Roof can be constructed of Nu-tech sheeting (smooth side down) on perlins and painted with Plascon waterproof primer and 2 x coats Plascon Velvaglo, using a rooler.
  • Alternatively, roof can be suspended with anodized (or powder-coated)aluminium rails. (Complete aluminium and s/steel roofs can also be constructed)
  • Benches should be slanted so as not to collect water. Drain (40mm) should exist to facilitate cleaning of room.
  • Steam room doors should always open outwards.

 Steam Generator Location:

·    Can be located above, behind or to the side of steam room. (ie: Roof cavity, vanity cabinate or wall behind steam room.)

·    Steam pipes, water supply and electrical power supply to be within 1m of final steam generator location.

Plumbing Requirements:

Water Supply:

Water supply via a stop-cock with a 22mm male thread connection. (washing machine connection) within 1m of generator. A flexible hose (supplied) will connect the steam unit to the stop-cock.

Steam Pipes: (Chased into walls before tiling is complete)

  • 2 x 22mm class 1 copper pipes to fall from generator to steam room emerging approx 200mm above tiled floor extending 50mm out from tiled surface. Should be located in an area furthest from bathers feet. Ideally, each should be at opposite ends of the steam room.
  • No water-traps in steam pipes which will impede the flow of steam.
  • Steam pipes to extend approx 50mm directly out from the walls in the steam room, to allow for steam head deflectors to be fitted.


  • 15 Kw 3-Phase units – 4mm 3 core and earth, 25 Amp 3 phase @ 220V to 3 pole Isolator (Neutral & Earth)
  • 12 Kw 3-Phase units – 2.5mm Surfix, 20 Amp 3 phase @ 220V to 3 pole Isolator. (Neutral & Earth)
  • 8 Kw 1-Phase units. – 6mm Surfix 35 Amp 1 phase @ 220V to Isolator. (Live,Neutral & Earth)
  • 6 Kw 1-Phase Units. – 4mm Surfix, 25 Amp 1 phase @ 220V to Isolator. (Live,Neutral & Earth)
  • Isolator should in turn be connected to earth leakage via circuit breaker.

Low Voltage Control Switch (In place before tiling is complete)

  • The 24 volt high/low control switch (supplied) may be flush or surface mounted inside the steam shower, wherever most convenient.
  • Conduit must be run from this switch to the generator. Please provide a pull wire or three core wire (for 24 volt) from the waterproof switch through the conduit to the steam generator.

Operating Instructions:

  • Once the generator has been fitted. Turn on at Isolator and water supply. Unit will immediately fill with water.
  • When water is at the correct level, it will stop filling automatically.
  • The low voltage control switch can now be switched on as follows:

Both switches on = High

Any of the 2 x switches off = Medium.

Both switches off = Off.

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