Pedicute Portable Spa

Touchpad controls combine custom settings:
1) ON/OFF (OFF will turn unit off and reset previous setting).
2) Vibration and Heat (combinations Hi and Low heat and vibration).
3) Heat Only
a. Press heat button one time LOW. (Low heater light lit).
b. Press heat button two times HIGH. (HI heater light lit).
c. Press heat button three times for POWER HEAT. (Both heater lights lit).
d. Press heat button four times to turn heat OFF.
4) Massage Only
a. Press vibration button one time LOW. (Low vibrating light lit).
b. Press vibration button two times HIGH. (HI vibrating light lit).
c. Press three times for POWER MASSAGE (both vibrating lights lit). Power Massage
setting is not
recommended for use with the Pedicute tub. Power Massage setting may cause water to
d. Press four times to turn vibration OFF.
Heater/Massager has automatic shut off (standby) feature. The massage will shut off
after 35 minutes.
The heat will shut off after 70 min. Simply push either the Heat or Massage button to
restart the settings)



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