Sybaritic Lumi 8 Intense LED Light Facial System.

Intense LED Light Facial System

Benefits — Skin Rejuvenation, Collagen Stimulation
The 590nm wavelength will effectively Photo-Energize and simulate collagen formation while inhibiting the production of undesirable interstitial collagenase (MMP1), which destroys collagen and reduces skin elasticity. The 590nm intense LED light (yellow color) achieves the two (2) most desired objectives for skin rejuvenation.

1. Increase and improvement of collagen formation and foundation.
2. Delay of existing collagen breakdown (reduction of MMP1).
The increased collagen production capacity of the 590nm wavelength improves skin texture, smoothness, strength and thickness. This specific wavelength has the capacity to reduce the production of the destructive interstitial collagenase (MMP1) induced by heat-shock and UV rays (i.e., sun damage). For this reason Lumi8 is a perfect after-treatment enhancement and complement to all Laser, Intense Pulsed Light, and other thermal energy producing technologies, as well as Microdermabrasion treatments. The Lumi8 yellow light will provide optimum result by itself and will improve the final result of other ablative or thermal light based treatments.

Tissue Healing, Tissue Refreshening, Tissue Stimulating
The 630nm wavelength stimulates new cell proliferation and accelerates tissue healing for anti-aging treatments by achieving two desired effects.
1. Progress and speed-up recovery of tissue healing by accelerating the proliferate phase, where the number of fibroblast are increased.
2. Induce and increase collagen proliferation in skin cells by enhancing the action of the fibroblasts.
The 630nm wavelength will offer fresher and younger looking skin cells and will provide a shorter down-time associated with post thermal lightbased aesthetic treatments.

Anti-Aging,Tissue Healing, Skin Tightening

Intense LED and PDT
The collective features of the Lumi8 medical grade intense diode LED photo-energy technology allows practitioners to take full advantage of pure, non-thermal luminous energy. While Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and laser treatments provide instant large doses of light, they also deliver significant thermal energy which can or does cause damage to the skin cells. Lumi8 intense LED’s create the advantage of delivering safe and pure light energy to the skin cells in a holistic methodology without any thermal energy or effect over longer treatment time periods. The Lumi8 programs also allow the practitioner to combine the selected photosensitizing agents (PDT-Photo Dynamic Therapy) with Lumi8 Photo-Energy to enhance specific treatment results.

The Technology
Lumi8 is engineered with a unique combination of parameters that produce the right signaling to effectively promote a positive response from the skin cells. Light energy alone stimulates cells in a limited manner. Through the Lumi8 Photo- Energizing programs and the combination of light parameters, we change treatment results by signaling different photo-energy codes to the cells.

Power Wave Cycle
Standard doses of light energy prove to lose effectiveness over repeated exposure. Lumi8 overcomes bioresistance by providing programmed random variations in the pulsation cycles and energy intensity at different times during a treatment. While cells might eventually adapt and resist stimulation from other companies’ standard LED system light treatments, Lumi8’s unique power wave cycle delivers greater results by providing constantly changing energy variations to obtain maximum stimulus.

The SybariticTM Education Advantage
We are an education company. Our staff of professional aesthetic and medical educators train every day at our training institute or your facility. We conduct weekly and monthly seminars and numerous clinical presentations. Regardless of whether your needs are beginning or advanced, if you would like hands-on experience, new treatment protocols, or tips for business marketing, we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve great patient results, and marketing success.
The Lumi8 system is easy to use and requires no additional technician to perform treatments which significantly reduces costs for immediate profitability. All treatment protocols recommend multiple Lumi8 treatments guaranteeing strong treatment revenue, profitability and repeat retention of clients. Anti-aging improvement and results are accumulative and long lasting which satisfies clients and makes Lumi8 a wise aesthetic investment.

Technical Specifications
Super-Intense SI LEDs 1334 LEDs – 30mA (627 Red LED, 627 Yellow LED, 80 NIR)
Wavelength 590nm+/-4nm Yellow, 630nm+/-3nm
Red, Proprietary NIR
Energy Fluence Variable, Max 126.66 Joules/cm2
Pulse Frequency Up to 100Hz
Power Intensity Variable up to 100%
Power Wave Adjustable cycles 1s-30s
Treatment Time 30 minutes (variable)
LED Surface Area 775 cm2
Pre-set Programs Eight (8) pre-set programs
Cooling Face Fan Two (2) mini-circulatory cooling fans
LCD Technology Touch Screen Liquid Crystal Display
Languages Nine (9): English, Spanish, Russian, French,
Japanese, German, Chinese, Korean, Arabic
Professional Cart Portable, stable with multi-position arm
Electrical 110v/ 220V 50-60Hz 12v/8A



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