Features and Benefits

Spa-Oceana™'s state of the art design allows you to offer
numerous wellness treatments for your clients. Offering
these treatments shows your commitment to the well being of your clients. Spa-Oceana™'s 53 gallon hydrotherapy treatment tub supports various body care treatments involving masks, mud masks and sea salts from any product range. A sample of some of the most popular treatments you will be able to offer with Spa-Oceana™ include: (The same as the Dermalife Sp Jet)

Hydrofusion™: This extraordinary engineering breakthrough creating a single blended energy force through the harmonization of far infrared heat and steam, allows you to use both of these natural energies individually or simultaneously. Increased body temperatures cause the skin to perspire to keep the core temperature stable (thermo genesis), which enhances cleansing and detoxification. It also increases oxygen supply to the blood stream and tissues, resulting in improved skin nutrition and rejuvenation. Together, these elements join forces to optimize body cleansing, moisturizing, and the penetration of nutrients producing advanced skin care.

Steam: Moist heat is gentler on the body than the dry heat of a sauna because it softens the skin as it opens pores and stimulates perspiration encouraging elimination of toxins. Herbs or essential oils infused into steam will enhance the results. Dermalife™ systems feature adjustable temperature steam for body and skin therapy (up to 48ºC/118ºF).

Infrared: The infrared emitters are engineered to produce comfortable heat within the far infrared category, which is the same frequency level as our own body heat (peaking at 9.6µm) and thus in tune with our own energy system. Research indicates that infrared penetrates the skin layers more deeply than any other heat source. Deeper tissues are heated as blood is circulated through the body. The end result is that body temperatures are comfortably elevated and blood and lymphatic circulations are increased.

Translucent Exterior Shell : The Spa-Jet™ constantly changes its look as it reflects and glows from the ambient surrounding light or its own Colorbath™ Chromotherapy system via the pebble-grained, translucent shell, making it a beautiful and stunning focal point for any spa decor.

360 degree Vichy Shower System : The state of the art dual Vichy shower body spray system features 10 above the body and 10 under-the-body shower jets…all with adjustable of the spray direction for a relaxing total-body massage. Three pre-set Vichy shower programs are available as well as a Scottish Shower mode, alternating hot and cold jets.

Features components from GROHE® Water Technology, the leading global brand for innovate design, high-quality fittings and sanitary systems. maintains the Dermalife™ Spa-Jet™’s shower performance "like-new" indefinitely. The flexible, resilient silimer allows the Vichy shower nozzle to "bend" when lightly wiped with a cloth or sponge and thereby forces the limescale to gently crumble
away. Maximum showering comfort is ensured by an integrated thermostatic mixer, which maintains water at the set temperature. The Dermalife™ Spa-Jet™ shower system will not only relieve aches and pains, it will also assist the body in eliminating waste, stimulate the metabolism and immune system.

Hand shower: An indispensable feature to rinse products from your client’s body and for cleaning the interior of the unit.

Mist: A light mist is instantly dispersed over the body via the touch of a button; if desired, you can add minerals and vitamins to the mist creating an added treatment and nutrient similar to hot springs therapies.

Vitamin/Mineral System: Dispenses nutrients such as vitamins and minerals into the mist stream allowing skin to transdermally drink up the nourishment and protection of powerful anti-oxidant vitamins and minerals…..the mist system can have the same powerful goals as a mineral springs bath.

Foot Spray: Soothe, revive and refresh aching feet with two foot massager jets that spray water gently over the feet for a special spa experience.

Vibratory Massage Bed: Engages all of the body’s systems to work in unison toward the goal of systemic harmony. Cradling the body, the ergonomically-designed support bed features a patented massage vibration system, featuring continuous and pulsating vibration to stimulate the body’s physiological systems.

Aromatherapy: Dermalife™ Spa-Jet™ features two unique reservoirs that vaporize aromatherapy and herbal extracts to awaken olfactory senses and to enhance results and enjoyment. Pure essential oils and herbal essences stimulate the body both through the sense of smell and through their ability to permeate the skin. Aromatherapy essential oils and herbal extracts may be combined to achieve customized results.

Chromotherapy: Uses state-of-the-art digital lighting technology (LED’s) and four strategically located chromotherapy light stations to generate a variety of rich and atmospheric colored lights. Emanating from the translucent pebble-grain shell, the mood enhancing chromatherapy glow will put your client in a total state of harmony and balance. Our bodies react to color in quantifiable, physiological ways. By combining color treatments with other spa services, their effects are dramatic. Each one of the Spa-Jet™’s pre-set programs features a different Colorbath™ with random color
changes and multicolor cross fades made up of all the colors of the spectrum, from soothing and relaxing, to balancing and energizing.

Deluxe Color LCD Display: Operated via a touch button control panel, the sleek multi-language display offers 10 pre-set and 1 custom programs as well as various upgrade options(including Video-DVD applications).

Stereo ready: For the ultimate relaxation experience, Spa-Jet™ features one 150 W waterproof speaker which can be easily connected to any audio source (Stereo system, walkman…). A headphone jack is also included.


What sets the revolutionary Dermalife™ Spa Systems’ treatment protocols apart is the combination of advanced technology and the classic methods of application and diffusion of specialized product formulations. Offering Dermalife™ treatments on your menu of services will let your clients know how committed you are to their wellness and balance. Dermalife™ treatments can be used with any product range. A typical treatment will feature exfoliating creams/gels, salt glows, body wraps, seaweed masks, toning and moisturizing gels/creams to detoxify, nourish, revitalize and protect the skin. Here is a sample of some of the most popular treatments you will be able to offer: Hot/Cold Water treatments: Publicized and taught by the famous Father Sebastian Kneipp, a passionate hydrotherapy pioneer and supporter, the use of hot and cold water ("Scottish Shower") to stimulate circulation, detoxify, soothe and invigorate the body has become a favorite hydrotherapy menu service in many exclusive and high-end spas. Spa-Jet™ takes the simple hydrotherapy experience to sophisticated lengths by performing the alternating of hot and cold water as well as ability to rinse the client with different temperatures through hand held showering. Combined with adapted product formulations, water based therapies will help stimulate, energize or soothe your clients from a variety of ailments such as rheumatism and arthritis as well as enhance and speed up the healing process of injuries.

Weight Loss/Detoxification/Cellulite: All of the products, equipment and treatments available for reducing the appearance of cellulite and slimming the body may be complemented and improved with Dermalife™ treatments. Effective cellulite reduction and slimming can only be performed by vigorously increasing circulation, stimulating metabolism, detoxifying and eliminating excess fluids. Used in conjunction with products containing cellulite-combating ingredients, Dermalife™ is a vital link to obtain the results your clients are looking for.

Re-Mineralizing/Moisturizing/Hydrating: Body wraps and mask treatments begin by eliminating impurities through exfoliation and second through the application of products containing essential
oils, herbs, muds, clays, seaweed or algae. These natural ingredients are rich in vitamins and minerals and help replenish lost nourishment in dry, damaged or aging skin. With the added boost of an effective heat and hydrotherapy treatment, these products will leave even the most damaged or congested skin fresher, cleaner, more hydrated and glowing with health.

Anti-aging: The skin is our body’s largest organ. Healthy skin acts as a protective envelope for the body and is vital to maintain overall health and beauty. Anti-aging treatments are dramatically enhanced with Dermalife™. The intensive hyperemia, moisturizing, toning, improved elasticity and total skin nourishment provided by Hydrofusion™ stimulates the development of collagen, creating a soft, youthful skin texture. By combining the relaxing, steady warmth and stimulating hydrotherapy experience with seaweed or mud applications, the absorption of the anti-aging and detoxifying ingredients is greatly heightened, leaving the skin supple and glowing.


Weight : 210 kg/298 lbs.
Height (Closed): 123 cm/48.5"
Length 230 cm/90"
Width:90 cm/35.5"
Power requirements: 230 V, 50-60 Hz
Amperage: 15 A
Required water pressure: Min 2-4 bar
Drain connection: 50 mm/1.97" (tube)

Translucent shell
Steam (direct plumbing)
Far Infrared Heat
Vibratory Massage Bed
8 Chromatherapy LED Light System Ports (6 colors)
4 Underwater LED Chroma-Light Stations
Aromatherapy - Automatic System
Aromatherapy - Manual System (cup)
Vitamin/Mineral Product Diffusion System
Stereo Ready-1 waterproof 150W
speaker compatible with headphone jacks
5.6" LCD Color Display
Touch-Button Control Panel
10 pre-set programs (+1 custom)
Cool Face Air
10 Vichy Shower Heads
Hand Held Shower System (2 spray modes)
Misting System
53 Gallon Hydrotherapy Tub
4 Hydrotherapy Pre-Set programs
8 Hydro-bath Back Massage Jets
8 Hydro-bath Side Massage Jets
4 Foot Massage Jets
Hydro-bath Automatic Disinfecting System
Underwater Hand Massage (Optional)
Hydro-bath Massage Function Diverter








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