Katharsys Thermal Cabin·

Thermal mud cabin·
Sauna & Steam Combo·
Fully pre- programmable·
Reduces cellulite, localized fat deposits.
Medical Treatments: Arthritis; Rheumatism; Migraine Headaches; Digestive & Liver·
Crystal & metallic surfaces – Refined wood


Complete “Corian” internal surfaces.·
Internal illumination with fibre optics.·
Dimensions: (without footboard) 225cm x 194cm x 245 cm (h)·
Room Dimensions Necessary: 290cm x 290cm· Weight: 750 Kgs·
Electrical Connection: 3-Phase 380v + N + E·
Water Connection: ½ Inch hot & cold water lines – Max 5 ATM
Conductivity between 400 and 700 ms/cm.

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