Dr.Kern EOS Sauna Heaters

Dr.Kern EOS Sauna Heater Options:

Regardless of whether it is an icy cold winter's day or a mild summer's night - a bath in the sauna is always relaxing. With a heater from the EOS basic series, it is easy to be comfortable in a rustic sauna made of solid wood or in a modern designed element sauna. The basic range already offers a variety of Finnish or evaporator heaters that are available as upright or wall mounted heaters, depending on the output variant. All our models are compact in construction, and therefore provide enough space for your individual cabin design. With a capacity between 4.5 and 15 kW, they are ideally suited for saunas with a volume between 4 and 25 m. At EOS we make the outer casings of our heaters from powder-coated steel or chromium steel. Float mounted, they heat up quietly and thus provide for a particularly refreshing sauna bath. Heating elements and stone baskets are made from stainless steel to prevent excessive scale formation. The bases in the lower area of the fresh air intake are also used as drip pans. The excellent convection of the EOS heaters provides optimum air circulation in the cabin and thus creates a pleasant sauna climate. All sauna heaters from EOS are of course supplied with the special Olivin-Diabas sauna stones.

Basic Sauna Heaters:

1) Thermat Range. Wall Mount Design.(Home Version)

Wall-mounted heater for family saunas.
Stone accommodation grid and drip pan made of stainless steel.
Height-adjustable stone rest.
Connection box on the back.
Colour: Anthracite pearl effect.
Dimensions: (Outer Dimensions)
780 x 375 x 360 mm
Connection: 400 V 3N AC
Power: 9.0 kW 94.4822

2) Bi-O Thermat Range.(Commercial Range)

Combination wall-mounted heater with evaporator located at side.
Double-walled heater construction with interior lining and outer casing.
Stone accommodation grid and drip pan made entirely of polished stainless steel.
Evaporator with approx. 5 l filling quantity.
Herb bowl on the cover grid.
Evaporator-integrateddry walkway and acoustic low water alarm.
Colour: Anthracite pearl effect.
Dimensions: (Outer)760 x 450 x 380 mm
Connection: 400 V 3N AC
Power: 9.0 kW 94.4825

3) 43 FN Range.(Home Use Upright Design)

Floor-standing heater for family saunas.
Can also be installed as a as a wall-mounted model
Connection box on the back.
Stone accommodation grid made of stainless steel.
Colour: Anthracite pearl effect.
Dimensions: (Outer Dimensions) 710 x 420 x 340 mm
Connection: 400 V 3N AC
Power: 9.0 kW 94.2236

4) Bi-Max Upright Design. (Commercial Use / Hotel / Gym)

Combination upright heater with evaporator for family, hotel and commercial saunas. Optimised ratio between heater and convection heat due to the large number of stones (60 kg) and the associated powerful sauna infusion.
For Finnish sauna operation and operation with evaporator. Cover and front panel made of die-cast aluminium, steam outlet under the herb bowl. Evaporator integrated dry walkway and acoustic water deficiency alarm. Stone basket with its air intake opening is located above the heating elements; these may not come into contact with the sauna stones. Service- friendly due to the modular design. To be used with EOS evaporator control units. Stone filling approx. 60 kg. See page 12 for accessories
Colour: Anthrecite Pearl.
Dimensions: HWD 900 x 500 x 500 mm.
Connection : 400 V 3N AC
Power: 15.0 kW 94.3922 1,636.00


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