Hapro Luxura V8 Vertical

48 x 180w 2m 2.4% UVB Professional tanning lamps.
Electronic Ballasts.
Dazzling design that illuminates from the beautiful top to bottom
Nice lights effect in the doors
All aluminum profiles out of sight
High level finish
No visible fastening materials
Walnut handle to be chosen as option
Ambient Flow Light changes colours smoothly
Two catchy eye liners on the outside of the doors
Ambient Flow Light control panel changes too for a perfect admosphere between and during the tanning session
Clear icons for all the preferences
Intuitive navigation through smart touch control
Well protected by acrylic sheet
Attractive color: Chrystal White, Rose Pink, Uptown Blue in combination with LED light effect in the doors
Air filters in side panels for electronic ballasts
Electronic ballasts (direct start of the lamps, energy saving up to 15%, less weight)
Integrated profile inside door to close the doors before tanning
Easy opening and closing system to replace the acrylics
Separate cooling system in the doors
Doors can be opened during tanning; the clever design of V8 makes it possible to leave the doors a chink, or half open while tanning
Two space saving doors which can be opened light en effortlessly
Comfortable anti-slip floor ensures a secure stand
Body cooling can be adjusted (separate from door cooling)
Three steps adjustable ventilation system
Easy access to colom
Privacy back cover (only with changing room)
Telephone holder at colom
Higher position of Qsens nozzle to get higher comfort
3 digits and improved parameters menu
Easy installation

Easy maintenance (easy replacement of the tubes, easy cleaning of acrylics, easy access to all electronic components and easy refilling Xsens cartridges and Qsens jerrycan)
Easy cleaning of dust filters on the outside
ECO-POWER: energy saving solution with electronic ballasts that save up to 15% energy use 33. ECO-POWER enlightens the tubes at once to kick-start the tanning session

Optional Extras:
My MP3 audio system including MP3 connection for personal playlists, one studio channel and two speakers
Sound Around Plus for endless audio possibilities (special subwoofer, two speakers, Bluetooth, friendly SmartVoice, four external music channels and two internal SD card channels with pre-programmed, royalty free and energetic music, or program your own playlist
Qsens with 2 nozzles for a refreshing cool mist on the body at intervals during the tanning session
Xsens diffusing inspiring aroma system fragrances of Ocean, Blossom or Sandalwood.



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