Complete modular log cabin sauna solution. (Can be moved and re-assembled in +- 3hrs)


All that is required is a smooth level floor, which is under cover and protected from rain, and a 20Amp isolator in close proximity. 

Shipped disassembled, with all parts labeled with a numbering system. Disassembled parts merely clip together for easy re-assembly. 


        External Dimensions:

* 2000mm (back Wall) x 1600mm (side walls) x 1900mm high


         Profiled Tongue and Groove Spruce logs for walls and ceiling:

*  Spruce logs imported from Austria with dimensions 35mm x 116mm,

*  Logs are quality controlled by the Federation of European Planing Mills (VEH).

* no toxic fumes are released, even at very high temperatures in excess of 90 degrees Celsius.


         Dual Level Obeche benches

* Floating (open fronts) to ensure relaxing reclining, easy cleaning under benches and maximum air circulation.

*  one high level bench at the back of 460mm wide

* one low bench in front of the high bench of 390mm wide

         Obeche back-rests along back and side walls for the high bench.


         Non-slip Duckboards of Obeche

*  removable for easy cleaning

* duckboards in front of benches only

         All Obeche benches and duckboards are hand-selected and arrised with dimensions 69mm (wide) x 22mm (thick), with invisible fixings


         Mood-light in corner 220V / 50W.


         Toughened Frameless Glass Door

*  640mm wide, 6mm thick, opening outwards

* Bronzed with bevelled edges.

 * Heavy hinges, with wooden handle.


         Hot Rock Stainless Steel Sauna Heater:

* 5 Kw 1phase

 * Heater dimensions 410mm (Width) x 250mm (Depth) x 570mm (Height)

   *  Wall mounted

*  Double skinned (both skins stainless steel) to avoid heat radiating outwards

* Easy Access Digital Control with Countdown Timer and Temperature display (mounted outside of the sauna)

        * Thermostatically controlled temperature settings

 * Sauna rocks


         Accessories include

      * Combination wooden Hygrometer / Thermometer

 * Wooden Sauna Bucket

         1 year guarantee 


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