Artic Blaze – Cold Misting Rooms


Description: Turns the normal steam room into an “artic cold mist” room in seconds…. 

Features: Instant dense fog dispensed from the specially constructed ceiling.

Steam Room function.

Rain Room.

Fibre Optic Ceiling.

Sanitizing Function

Reception Digital Programming & Control.

3 x year warranty


Artic Misting/Steam/ Rain Room & Rasul Chamber.


Basic 7” HMI unit:

7” HMI touch screen control panel without SIM and Ethernet capabilities


1.    Human machine interface 7” touch screen control panel.

2.    Programmable logic controller DVP.

3.    Power supply module 100-240VAC.

4.    9 pin DOP plug input.

5.    IP65 Plastic Housing for controls.

6.    Gland, cable, fittings etc.

7.    Installation of HMI.

8.    Basic programming of HMI unit.

Artic Blaze : (Cold Mist)

Nozzle Unit  Artic Blaze:

1.    6 off stainless steel cluster housings.

2.    42 off stainless steel anti drip nozzles.

3.    Spray system material fittings, glands, T’s, etc.

4.    4 off 80 Bar HP SV valves.

5.    HMI extension modules.

6.    Reprogramming of HMI unit

Customized/ Personalized programming of HMI will have an additional cost depending on the level of sophistication.      


Artic Rain - nozzle unit:

1.    4 stainless steel rain nozzles.

2.    Spray system materiel.

3.    Pump station.

4.    Filtration system.

5.    Water cooling unit

6.    Electric panel with 7” HMI Unit.

Fibre Optic (250 strand) Ceiling


Steam Generation Systems:

Spa Steam generator complete with all wiring, digital controls, and steam heads as per specifications  listed below:


·   Easy Access Digital Controls. (Situated outside of steam room)

·         Thermostatically controlled temperature setting of up to 67 Degrees Celsius. Includes an ideal “47 degree Celsius default temperature”.

·         Countdown timer of  “1 to 99minutes”.
Includes an extended “8hr default countdown”.

·         Self-cleaning (auto-purge) occurs at the end of each operating cycle, to avoid sediment and scale buildup within the boiler tank.

·         Manual Drain (purge) function.

·         Light On/Off switch. (12Volt; 20Watt)

·         2 x Steam Heads with “herbal oil essence well” for easy steam powered dispensing.

·         2 x Pressure relief valves for added safety (in case steam heads are constricted).

·         Self re-setting over-heat temperature cut-outs for added safety (in case temperature exceeds 105 Degrees Celsius in boiler tank.).

·         Stainless Steel boiler tank and heating elements for durability and clean distilling of water into steam. (no fowl smells from tank and elements)


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