• Remain Fully Clothed and Dry

  • Full surface massage on 3 x sides of the body

  • User controls water pressure on 36 x water jets

  • 10 15 min sessions

  • Electronic timer with water temp control

  • Automatic canopy lift

  • Self contained No plumbing, belts, water filters, grease fittings or oil points.

  • The Ultimate Massage

  • The Personal Touch

  • Promotes Health & Fitness

  • Aqua Massage is for Everyone

  • Easy to Operate

  • Minimum Maintenance


254cm Long x 86cm W x 135cm H

295kg Dry - 264kg Wet

Capacity - 68 litres water

200-240 Volt, Single phase, 50hz. 24 amps max. Use 30 amp breaker.

Timer 3-10min. in 1 minute increments and 10-20min. in 5 minute increments



Refer to Price list for options such as Electronic Session Counter, Remote Timer, Token Control, Chiller System, etc


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