Acua Thermal Table



The Relax and Benefits of Thermal Table

The thermal SPA for your clients. The water bed “ACUA”, is a multifunctional instrument able to offer various
possibilities of utilization to the operators (Steam bath, Scottish shower, Massage, Chromotherapy and Music therapy)
thus maximizing the earning capacity of the SPA room. A catalogue is not enough to describe it, it is the best working
tool, the bed where every client would like to be pampered, the bed that every center would like to have.

The Steam of “ACUA” can be enriched and aromatized with essential oils thanks to
its prearranged pomanders. The small capote, can be easily installed and removed.
It offers a quick saturation without laying on the user. It changes colors depending
on the color you choose in the chromo therapy program.



The Scottish Shower, inserted inside a foldaway upper bracket comes from nozzles that guarantee the immediate change of temperature and prevent from leaking at the end of
treatments. The water jets can be suspended as you like, depending on specific utilization protocols, by alternating between thermo regulated hot water jets and cold water jets
(room temperature). The Scottish shower can be utilized even during the steam cycle.

The drainpipe is positioned at the centre of the inox tub and guarantees the easy draining of the utilized mud. The functional capacity of the worktop of ACUA can be arranged
horizontally and covered by an anallergic exercise mat, turning it into a perfect massage bed. A thermo regulated mixer and a hand shower with built in water tap, always ready
to be used , let the operator easily clean the worktops as well as rinsing the client’s body at the end of session. ACUA features an optional electrical lifting system which allows the
operator to work at the most comfortable height and let the clients get on and off the bed with ease.


The Chaise longue of ACUA is an anatomic supporting surface divided into 4 parts so that the client always feel comfortable and does not
slide. The electrical positioning of backrest makes the beauty treatments easy. The Marine Wood is a warranty of lastingness and reliability, it
can also be covered by a small anallergic pad that comes with the bed.



The Chromoterapy of ACUA. The operator can customize the colour cycles during the
Cromoterapy which can also be programmed to be coordinated with different functions such
as steam cycles or Music therapy. The RGB lights are everywhere on the bottom of the bed, on
the supports of nozzles and under the supporting surface of the user.

The Music Therapy is managed by an SD card positioned near the easy control console. The
card can memorize music pieces and decide whether to combine them with chromoterapy
programs or not. Every wellness centre can customize its own working protocol by choosing
its own colours and its own music. The music comes from the inside, by exploiting the built in
sound speaker of the bed’s structure.


The push button controls of ACUA are built inside a very intuitive liquid crystals display
through which it is possible to set and control all the various functions of work. Besides the
already set protocols it is possible to create new additional ones by modifying and combining
times, temperature, music and colours together. The electronic also tells the safety information
in particular codes of possible malfunctioning, through a system of self-diagnosis.

The technique of ACUA is extremely advanced, the steam boiler is controlled by room
temperature probes and monitored by the control card which indicates the effective steam
emission and the effective temperature of the room in the steam area. The washing systems
of the boiler are automatic, managed by chronothermostats and utilize anti-calcareous tanks.

Treatments. ACUA offers innumerable types of treatments, such as steam baths, mud
treatments, stone therapy, compresses with seaweeds, clays, gommage, savonage, Scottish
shower, massages combined with chromotherapy and music therapy and many others.

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applicable legislative standards.


Tecnica data

Standard Model

White lacquered wood coating and metallic black frame

Type position

Steam bed

absorption steam boiler 2500 W / 11 A

Absorption electrical lifting system 250 W / 1,1 A

Absorption backrest mover 130 W / 0,6 A

Weight depending on the optional 250 Kg (550 lb) / 300 Kg (661 lb)

Working voltage 230V±10%, 50/60Hz N

Specifications required

Acua needs to be connected to a water load and drain.

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